Symbolism and Personalization

Celebrating the Timeless Significance of Class Rings

At SBT Fundraising, we understand the profound importance of graduation – the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and personal growth. It’s a momentous occasion, one that deserves to be commemorated in a meaningful way.

That’s where class rings come into play, and in this exploration, we delve into the world of class rings, why they’re cherished by graduates, and why they hold an enduring significance in the world of education.

A Timeless Keepsake

Join the Tradition

At SBT Fundraising, we take pride in offering a wide range of class rings that not only embody the essence of academic achievement but are also affordable and accessible. Choose the type of metal, select gemstones, and decide on engravings to craft a class ring that tells your story. Our class rings start at an incredibly reasonable price point of just $249.95, ensuring that graduates from various backgrounds can cherish this symbol of their educational journey.

15% Profit on Class Ring Purchases

Empower Education Through Your Class Ring

Moreover, when you choose SBT Fundraising for your class rings, you are not just making a personal statement; you are also contributing to a good cause. We are committed to giving back, and with each class ring purchase, you’re supporting a fundraising effort. We offer a generous 15% profit, allowing schools, colleges, and organizations to raise funds while providing their students with memorable class rings. This means that your celebration of academic success can also be a means to support educational initiatives and programs.

Class Rings Tailored to You

The Perfect Graduation Keepsake

Our class rings are designed to cater to a broad spectrum of institutions and organizations. Whether you’re part of junior and senior high school classes, public, charter, or private institutions, colleges, universities, sororities, fraternities, nursing schools, high school sports championship teams, or travel championship leagues and teams, we have a class ring solution that aligns with your unique needs and preferences.

At SBT Fundraising, we are not just offering class rings; we’re offering an opportunity to celebrate academic accomplishments, support fundraising efforts, and create lasting memories without breaking the bank. Your journey from student to graduate deserves to be commemorated, and we’re here to make that journey even more special.

Transparent Pricing for Your Class Ring

Orders & Pricing Information

We understand that flexibility is key when it comes to catering to a diverse audience. That’s why we have no minimum order requirements. Whether you’re a high school with a small graduating class or a large university, you can order class rings without worrying about meeting a specific quota.

Additionally, we believe in transparent pricing. There are no hidden fees or add-ons for customization items. You get one fixed price for your class rings, making budgeting and planning a breeze. This straightforward approach ensures that you know exactly what you’re paying for, without any surprises.