Welcome to the Polar Pals Holiday Shop with SBT Fundraising!

Give the gift of learning and joy this holiday season with the Polar Pals Holiday Shop, presented by SBT Fundraising. Our shop offers a delightful shopping experience where children can have fun learning how to budget their money while shopping for “Secret” gifts for Mom, Dad, and other family members.

Holiday Shoppe Guide

Holiday Shoppe Guide

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How Polar Pals Works

Cash Register App – How to

Cash Register App (How to Guide)

What's Included?

The Polar Pals Holiday Shop package includes:

  • Pre-programmed Cash Register: Makes checkout easy and fun for students.
  • Color Flyers: Every student receives a flyer to help them plan their shopping.
  • Elf Aprons: Volunteers can wear elf aprons to add to the festive atmosphere.
  • Color-Coded Price Stickers: Makes pricing clear and simple for young shoppers.
  • Retail Quality Metallic Gift Bags: For beautifully wrapping their gifts.
  • Heavy Duty Plastic Shopping Bags: To carry their treasures home.

How It Works & The Benefits!

Hosting a Polar Pals Holiday Shop fundraiser with SBT Fundraising is a breeze. First, sign up by registering your school or organization. Next, prepare for the event by setting up the shop with the provided materials, including the cash register, flyers, aprons, and pricing stickers. During the event, children can shop for “Secret” gifts for their loved ones, learning valuable budgeting skills along the way. Finally, a portion of the proceeds from every sale goes towards your fundraising goals.

There are several benefits to hosting a Polar Pals Holiday Shop fundraiser. First and foremost, it’s educational. Children learn how to budget and make decisions about spending, which are important life skills. Additionally, shopping for “Secret” gifts adds an element of surprise and joy to the holiday season. Lastly, every purchase helps support your fundraising efforts, making a positive impact on your school or organization.

Get Started Today!

Join us in creating a fun and educational shopping experience for children while raising funds for your cause. Host a Polar Pals Holiday Shop fundraiser with SBT Fundraising and make this holiday season truly special. Contact us today to get started!